Tweet Reach

The question commonly asked about Twitter is how to analyze its ROI. Though I have not come to a definitive answer on a complete ROI evaluation, I have found more interesting tools to evaluate “reach”.

Tweet Reach provides information about the reach of your tweets. Unfortunately, Tweet Reach claims to be limited in the number of Tweets that can be evaluated based on limitations imposed by Twitter: 50 Tweets. Without further explanation they offer that they can provide a “Full Report” for $20 that goes back as far as Twitter will allow: 7 days or 1500 Tweets. So the full report would provide more value on a weekly basis of a frequent Tweeter…but I’m not convinced yet that $20/week is going to give a good ROI.

I do marketing for Oshyn, Inc. (By the way if you need Open Text CMS or LiveServer expertise – you need to visit … now! Seriously, stop reading this and check out their website.)

I searched “Oshyn” in Tweet Reach and got these results:

tweet reach

tweet reach

Resulsts: 3345 impressions per tweet

I then searched my personal Twitter ID @kimberlymccabe and discovered that neglecting my personal account does have some consequences:

prweb tweet reach

prweb tweet reach

57 impressions per Tweet.

Well at least my management of @Oshyn_Inc makes me feel better about the results of @kimberlymccabe.

Will be back soon with more analysis of Twitter tools.

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